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(Updated : Jul/24/2017)
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●Features & Specification
“Wings” is an English Program for children that uses a Smart-Board and Tablet PC, smart-learning technology of next generation. It allows children to enjoy themselves naturally through language learning with various multimedia materials and interactive activities, enabling them to have full concentration and to maximize their academic results
●Usage: Education (Language Learning)
●Target Buyer & Contact Point: Educational Institution, Publishing House, Preschool etc.

●“Wings” is smart learning platform which not only integrates new technology and devices into lessons, but also utilizes smart devices in classes through effective teaching and learning methods.
It is a on/off double dimensional class and maximizes interaction between the teacher and the children through digital-analogue. In children’s education, interaction is never excessive even if emphasized a lot, and the maximized dimensional lessons can develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills to the children.
●“Wings” is a language friendly and systematic English learning program, which is specifically designed for language education, takes advantage of real-time interaction with the Table PC. It uses various textbooks and interactive digital contents to allow for interactive learning between the child and teacher.

Based on the ICT Fusion Education platform, Wings provides contents to help teachers and children interact with each other. It is an interactive English Program for young children; especially for children aged between 3 to 9. By using Smartboards and PADs, every child can participate in the class and communicate with teachers.Wings ultimately has realized a future class for the new generation.

Early Childhood is the most important period for children to learn languages. Wings, considering children's growth, psychology, potential, and sociality helps children effectively learn listening, speaking, reading, and writing through interesting experience in a smart class environment. The ultimate goal of learning language is to communicate. Wings helps every child participate in class by interacting with teachers, and children are able to learn cooperation and consideration. "Wings, A New Paradigm of Early Childhood English Education. Differentiated start changes one's whole life."


●Visang Education was founded in 1997. We sold 10 million copies of self teaching book named in 2006. In 2008, we were listed on Korea Composite Stock Price Index. Visang's total sales reached USD100 million in 2010. In 2016, Visang launched digital English program named . Based on this program, we made a contract with New Oriental and Technology Group, the largest education incorporation in China.

●Visang Education has 4 Vision & Value: Creative Innovation, Respect & Trust, Leadership Development, and Customer-oriented. We challenge with joy and always question, "Is it the best?". We recognize others' value and work with responsibility. We exercise positive influence through self-management. We think ahead of customers and provide satisfaction beyond their expectation.

-Business model

1. Learning Materials: The representative textbook which helps prepare teachers for
   classes and provide guidelines to students
2. Textbook: No.1 textbook in South Korea chosen by 8,500 schools throughout the
3. E-learning: Differentiated online lectures for students providing high quality educational
4. Digital Education: Global education service which provides a best learning experience
   to teachers and students for the future classroom setting
5. Korean Education: The most effective Korean E-learning experience provided globally
   to everyone who wishes to learn Korean through R&D from the best Korean education
6. Early Childhood Education: Supporting Nuri educational contents including education
   plan, free activity materials made by early childhood education professionals, and
   materials that are only shared with teachers
7. English Education: Developed a self-directed English learning system which offers
   “Practical English” without the need for the student to travel abroad


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company information
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