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(Updated : Mar/15/2017)
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‘Gorollas’ is the story of Dony, Franco, Pablo who deliver fresh juice from planet to planet in the fictional

world of Zooniverse. Their greatest mission is to protect their juice from the evil pirate Big Rilla and deliver the fresh juice ON TIME.
Dony, Franco, Pablo, delivering in their sports cars might be immersed in racing and often cause trouble,

but they never forget their missions. Dony, boasting great confidence, leads the team with his sharp decisions.

He tends to act first rather than think too hard of things. Franco is the biggest of the three, yet he is also an emotional, naive pacifist who is always relaxed.

B ut he is quick to pull out his bazooka when angered. Pablo might be the smallest of the three, but his quick brain brimming

with ideas complements his computer and mechanics skills and other tricks. Dony, Franco, Pablo each has a shaped mark on their chest.

Dony's triangle means equal balance, Franco's square means calmness and stability, and Pablo's circle means eternal change and cohesion.

Length : 11 min. x 52 episodes
Format : 3D CGI
Target : 6 and above
Genre : Comic adventure
Aired : 2016, SBS


2005/10. B.I.GROUP CO., Ltd established
2007/03. 2D animation <Muffy and Jemjem 1> on MBC
2008/10. 2D animation <Super Sleigh> on MBC
2009/02. 2D animation <Muffy and Jemjem 2> on MBC
2010/03. 2D animation <BubbleBubbleCook 1> on MBC
2010/09. ‘Story Institute’ certificated by MCST
2011/09. 2D animation <BubbleBubbleCook 2> on MBC
2012/10. International pitch finalists at MIP JUNIOR
2013/02. 2D animation <Dobi Dobi Mansion> on MBC
               Webtoon <Go-Rollas factory> published, KakaoTalk
2013/08. <The BubbleCook Fellowship 1> on MBC
2013/11. <Gorollas> TV co-pro agreement with ‘JOYSPOON’ of China
2014/06. <Gorollas>, KOCCA financial support
2014/10. <Thunder Boy>, Finalist at Asia Animation Summit  
               <The Bubble Cook Fellowship 2> aired on MBC
2015/02. 2D animation <The Full Moon Factory> on MBC
2015/07. <Gorollas> Film co-pro agreement with ‘JOYSPOON’
2015/09. <Gorollas> SBA financial support for film
2016/06. 3D animation <Gorollas> aired on SBS
2016/09. Contract with 杭州隽视文化传媒有限公司 for exclusive distribution of Korean video content
2016/11. <Magic Dessert Chocopong Sugarpong> pitched in Screen Forever of Australia
2017/01. <Bubble Bubble Cook> series launch on a Chinese new media platform ‘Youkutudou’

COMPANY VISION : B.I. Group aspires to expand its focus over TV animations, up to theatrical and new media animation,

                                     online web-dramas and more, eventually culminating into a true cultural contents company.

BUSINESS MODEL : Animation development and production

Company Information

company information
Contact Person LEE KWANG BOON
Company B.I. Group
Address #403-B Pangyo Innovally B, 253 Pangyoro, Bundang-go, Seongnamsi Gyeonggido, Korea
Homepage http://seller.buykorea.org/b-i-group--1076398
Tel 0221936100 Fax
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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