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(Updated : Mar/22/2017)
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■ COFFEEBAY is the juxtaposition of coffee and dessert that complement each other to give customer pleasure

   in every sip and every bite they encounter at our shops. 
■ COFFEEBAY was launched in Dec 2010, and has been growing up increasingly and opened 668 branches

   since in 2010.

■ COFFEEBAY's various and creative menu is attracting not only domestic customers, but also customers from

   China, Philippines, and even the U.S.(ex) Coffee/ Beverage/ Bakery/ Seasonal Menu/ Special Menu/ MDs

1) Price
COFFEE BAY runs its own roasting factory for the best taste.
Using pre-blending, post-roasting methods, we roast fresh beans delivered every early morning.
Supplying more than 100ton of the best coffees annually to each franchisees, COFFEEBAY tries

to serve good quality of coffee with reasonable price.
2) Taste
From our labs, we have hot lots of new menu in 2016, such as seasonal menu and special menu.
COFFEEBAY's R&D department keeps developing recipies for seasonal/ special menus in order to servive

in such an intense coffee industry

3) Education
COFFEEBAY operates academy course providing systematic educational program for franchisees and their employees

to take a very first step of opening coffee shop.

4) Marketing
COFFEE BAY is continuing with support for advertising and promotion for gaining the brand recognition through various media,

such as TV, radio, and Internet, also actively conducting and supporting cultural and offline collaboration events.


2009  Launched COFFEE BAY
2010-13 Launched a franchise headquarters of COFFEE BAY.
              Opened COFFEE BAY’s 30th branch
              Received a certificate of venture business.
              Awarded the Grand Prize at Korea-Brand Power Index (MoneyToday)
              Opened COFFEEBAY’s 100th branch(`12)
              Opened COFFEEBAY’S 200th branch(`13)
              Selected as an overseas leading company by KOTRA. - 2014 
              Opened COFFEEBAY’s 350th branch
              Signed a master franchise agreement with ‘Shenyang Science, Culture,   Education Exchange Company’

              in China (Liaoning Province)
              Opened the 1st shop in China (1st shop in Shenyang)
              Opened a Gasan branch of COFFEE BAY. 
              Signed a master franchise agreement with ‘Little Hot Rabbit’ in China (Guangdong Province, Shaanxi Province)- 2015
              Opened COFFEEBAY’s 500th branch
              Opened the 4th shop in China (1st shop in Shenyang, 2th, 3rd, and 4th shop in   Guangzhou).
              Established COFFEEBAY INTERNATIONAL INC.
              Made a partnership agreement for location with Walmart, U.S. 
              Established COFFEEBAY Philippines Corp.
              Made an agreement for location with Philippines’s SM mall. 
              Signed a master franchise agreement with Little Hot Rabbit in China (Beijing,   Shanghai)- 2016 
              Opened COFFEEBAY’s 600th branch
              Opened 2 stores in the U.S. (1st in Sacramento, 2nd in West Sacramento).
              Opened 1 store in the Philippines (1st in SM Seaside City Cebu.)

COMPANY VISION : As a reliable partner of our franchisees, Grow together! Achieve dreams together!
                                    Roasting one dream at a time!


  - COFFEEBAY(Coffee Franchise)
  - Mammamiya (Home Meal Replacement Franchise)
  - 9 Fingers (Burger & Chicken Franchise)
  - Vitamin PC(Internet Cafe Franchise)



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Company Information

company information
Contact Person Claire Choi
Address 1107 WorldMerdian venturecenter 1st, 60-24, Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea
Homepage www.coffee-bay.co.kr , http://seller.buykorea.org/appletree--EC077568
Tel 11641157 Fax 028561157
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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