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 Attocube is three-dimensional product but it is also strong in two-dimensional graphics. That is

because the company has patents that an image which is formed by putting faces of cube

together can be shown in the mobile device and that location and angles of cubes can be

calculated for recognizing which their faces are on top. It means that these patterns can be

shown on the screen, when children create images with 9 wooden blocks. Besides technologies,

it has kept exclusive mechanism and educational know-how by protecting intellectual property

from use by other parties. For this, almost of its members got certified as a Gabe instructor

and made many educational contents with cubes. Targeting 4 to 9 years old children, workbooks

for three levels are made. The company is developing game applications which match the images

on the screen with offline and online cubes, so its beta version of Android is launched. Although

Attocubes can be used alone, the company provides various ways to enjoy them.


Attocube is an interative toy, which can be used alone or in conjunction with smart device. It

consists of 9 wooden blocks with all surfaces featuring different geometric patterns. When playing

with offline cubes, children can create about 2.3 billion puzzles through combination of these

patterns. Physical cubes also can be connected with the digital device though image recognition

technology. Its app is problem solving with a hands on approach, letting a smart device to read

these patterns. When children organize the blocks according to match images on the screen, an

interesting feedback will be given. Compared to other educational toys that have limited ways

of playing toys and no feedback, Attocube is a proactive toy. Not only it is simple and easy, Attocube

provides a chance to think outside of the box. This will make children develop their multisensory

learning and enhance their originality, cooperation and problem-solving skill.






2014.03 Attocube corporation was founded

2014.05 Got a certification of venture business

2014.06 Got a certification of startup business

2014.11 Ranked second for mock crowfunding which is held in creative korea exhibition

2015.03 Ideathon in Pangyo that was supported by Creative Korea Center / Best Prize

               - Smart Interactive toy Attocube

2015.06 Got a prize for the Creative Game Audition / Winner - Attocube Online Game Version

2015.10 Indiegogo crowd funding(Achieved $15,000 which is 50% of the final goal)

              KIC - Silicon Valley Chilcare programme for 3 months

2015.11 Signed off on a MOU with Haeoreum kindergarten

2016.02 Participated 2016 MWC Barcelona (cooperation with KT AND VIP demonstration)

2016.03 Infobank IR and investment contract

              Attocube was launched in kindergartens and pre-schools

               (Made contracts for year programme / Sales 100,000,000 won)

2016.06 Signed the MOU with 4 kindergartens in London

               Got K-Design Awards

               Got Korea Certification mark / Tested through KT commerce

2016.07 Accumulated number : applied 4 patents in Korea and 5 trademarks in

              Korea/Registered 1 oversea patent and 36 copyrights for workbooks and characters.

              Signed off on a MOU with Mongolian private preschool association and association of

              Gyeonggi-do public child care center



We are planning to launch B2B for the kindergartens and daycare centers through

establishment of a corporation in Yanji, China. To do this, we will look at various images of Chinese

characters that can be created through the Attocube pattern, and prepare the workbooks

published in Korean in Chinese to prepare them for entry into China. In addition, we will finalize the

specific regualations and operating mothods for private certification, and will launch ATTOCUBE

civilian certification in the first quarter of 2017 and train visiting teachers and dispatch teachers

through the recruitment of ATTOCUBE teacher. In the second quarter of 2017, we intend to enter the

local market through licensing through kindergartens and daycare centers in the UK, the United States,

France and Finland with existing MOUs. In addition, we will participate in exhibitions held through

various organizations, find ways to partner with companies and factories in target markets,

and sell B2C products through distributors


It is not only the purpose of education, but it is to grasp what children like and enjoy, and to reflect

on the contents, and to benefit from its contents, dioceses, and attocube classes.


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company information
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