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(Updated : Jan/19/2018)
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DICEMANCERS is under the soft launch. It is a competitive casual board game and a multiple platform game which fits consoles, PC and Steam platform.

DICEMANCERS mobile version is under the soft launch.

We plan to have the global launch in March 2018.


A. Graphic

It has a high accessibility with a board game look, which is a genre that everyone can enjoy & play easily regardless of region and age.


B. Game rules

AOS game character and skill system applied. ROC is a game with all the fun of strategy and growth.

The rules for playing RPG games using dice are our first rules and we are proud to be the most original game rule.



C. Originality

“Dice Card system”

-Apply unique rules that are the first rule created by us in the world.

-Players can balance the players of luck and skills.

-Players can create and execute strategies through this system.


“Collecting system”

-High-quality characters, bases, and blocks will stimulate the player's collecting needs.

-It does not get tired of the game because of its various magic and store events.

-Dynamic action and battle scenes that could not be imagined in board games.


”League System”

-Stimulates players' desire to win.


”Card Deck system.”

-Players can edit & combine their special cards to prepare for a strategic battle.


D. Business plan

- Produce variety characters, stages and monsters which are preferred in the service area.

- Support preferred social service interlocking account management system in the service area.

- Applying globalization system from the early stage of development.


2017.03 Dicast: Rules of Chaos Participated in the 2017 GCA San Francisco
2016.12 Dicast: Dash, Indonesia publishing contract with PT. Cube Permainan.
2016.11 Dicast: Dash ,Iran publishing agreement with digicaviar
2016.11 Participate in G- Star game show
2016.10 Dicast: Dash, set-top TV service agreement with Entrix co.
2016.09 Participated in the 2016 Gwangju ACE Fair
2016.05 Dicast: Dash contract to service into  Kakao game
2016.05 Participated game exposition (PlayX4) B2B export                consultation
2016.04 Released DICAST: DASH, a casual mobile game on iOS and Android
2016.01 Signed a third party partnership contract with Sony Computer Entertainment
2015.11 Hosted BSS COMPANY StarCraft League Season 2
2015.08 Hosted BSS COMPANY StarCraft League Season 1
2015.04 Incorporation established


Developing multi-platform games that can be played on mobiles, PC, web consoles and

set top TV.  We want people play our games without platform barriers.
We have the abilities to create great games also love to make whole new system of games.
We believe that fun games are a good life value that gives true happiness beyond just content.


In app purchase items, package items, plan to make offline items to use this IPs. 


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company information
Contact Person Seung Keun Lee
Homepage http://seller.buykorea.org/bsscompany--EC132675
Tel 025430199 Fax
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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