GT Code - No code exposure, Private algorithm, Non-identifiable(Pd No. : 3084120)

(Updated : Jul/27/2017)
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About GT Code

Based on security code created by Bizworks Co. Ltd. It could easy replace existing QR code.

Can not be replicated because there is no code exposure, and with private algorithm.

GT Code can not be replicated, so It can be applied for various certification service.

Based on GT-CODE which does not require any hardware,

Bizworks aims to build an international platform of trust through

www.globaltrust.org and www.globaltrust.com. 


A solution that can be applied to various fields such as table mobile settlement, activation, inspection certification, distribution history trace, production history management, authenticity confirmation, gift certificate etc. Just need smartphone and printing label.

If someone scan the GT label, Then he can enjoy following services.

Genuine product certification for consumer

  - No immitation confirmation of product grade, origin and so on.

Tracking distribution history for distiribution industries

  - Prevention of abnormal distribution such as thoughtless discount

 Check safey for facilities, elevator, building and so on.

  - Confirmation staff in charge of check safty, It can record what he checked during check.

  - If staff activate appilcation on his smartphone, The samrtphone transmit the data

    such as identity of staff, photo of check, working/visit time. 


Now you can see a few usages of GT code.  


Also We are getting ready to start Fintech industries with you.

If you wanna get more informations, just  take a look folloing web site about mobile transaction.









How to use (example for cerification of genuine product) 

No need addional methods. You only scan the printing label. Then you can get more informations and services.


Also you can recognize the differantiation. 

Nowadays, you can easily see QR codes and NFC tag. 

I would like to mention that GT code can be alternative solution without exgisting methods. 

First QR can be duplicated and be created by anybody.

Second Nfc tag is more expensive than QR code and GT code.  And NFC is not available on Iphone.

Please take a look at following image.



Feb. 2002 - Established Bizro Co. Ltd.

Oct. 2003 - Released first version of the managerial software for reinsurance agencies - 'Bizro'

Jan. 2004 - Launched Korean employment insurance managerial software - 'Bizro'
Aug.   - Signed contract with agencies in Chamber of Commerce and Trade in utilizing of 'Bizro'

Feb. 2005 - Signed contract with Korea Employers Federation in utilizing 'Bizro'

Mar. 2006 - Signed contract with 230 insurance outsourcing agencies in utilizing 'Bizro'
 - Released first version of Labor Corporation outsourcing software - 'Bizpay'

Dec. 2007 - Launched web-scrapping algorithm searching for labor-related information

Jan. 2008 - Released construction labor affiliates software - 'GunSeolBaksa'

Jan. 2009 - Consigned/Released major insurance service - 'SeMuMyungIn'

Jan. 2010 - Alteration of the corporate name to Bizworks Co. Ltd.
Mar. 2010 -  Released/Launched the managerial software and official website of KCPLAA (Labor Attorney Association)

Jun. 2011 - Released new version of construction labor affiliates software - 'GunSeoulBakSa_SV Version'

Jun. 2012 - Launched long-term care managerial software - 'CareBakSa'
Nov. 2012 - Launched QR-Code genuine certificate solution based on frequency limits

Jul. 2013  - Launched distribution channel tracking solution based on Dot-Code
Nov.2013 - Released replication/anti-counterfeit equipped QR-Code genuine certificate solution

Jan. 2014 - Selected as the demo project member of Livestock Product Quality Assessor and the supplier of Honey Classification Label
May.2014- Released Web-scrapping algorithm service and OCR-Engine

Feb. 2015 - Established Bizworks Co. Ltd. affliated research institute
Mar. 2015 - Supplied labels and genuine/distribution tracking solution to 10 companies including Callaway Inc., Herbalife, Marykay, etc
Jul. 2015 - Launched and released OCR solution that prevents the reuse of Shinsegae mobile gift certificate

Mar. 2016 - Participated in export business meeting organized by World-OKTA (Signed contracts with export partners from China, Australia, USA and Singapore)
Mar. 2016 - Participated in KOPPEX 2016 (Korea Public Procurement Expo)
Apr. 2016 - Selected as the recipient of Korea ICT Innovation Award - Ministry of Science ICT


1. It accepts all the advantages of QR code and provides GT Code technoloy which is

    not forged for replication

2. Based on Globaltrust(www.GlobalTrust.com), we are devoting ourselves to building

    a platform of global trust surrounding


1. Smart trust authentication service

2. Screen OCR engine

3. Office artificial intelligence service(www.OfficeAI.co.kr)


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Company Information

company information
Contact Person Park Jun young
Address 11, Yeouidaebang-ro 67-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea 07333
Homepage www.bizworks.co.kr , http://seller.buykorea.org/biz-works--EC122706
Tel 027802330 Fax 0260071280
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