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(Updated : Jan/24/2018)
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Keywords Full HD, Full 3D, Hip Hop Music, Agent, Feature
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S.O.U.L.Crew is a fun, hip-hop music themed animation with a serious comic-relief. It’s about 5 city animal secret agents – a pigeon, a sparrow, a cat, a dog and the record-label CEO hamster – who are disguised as a hip hop crew. They fight against the meat-eating rabbit and sewer cockroaches to restore peace in the city. Save the city from the mean meat-eating rabbit! Carni-Bunny escapes from the animal testing laboratory and becomes exposed to the uncontrollable gluttony. The disappearance of city animals start to escalate as the research in genetic manipulation of collagen by Carni-Bunny .

The captain of the S.O.U.L (Secret Organization for Urban Lives), the hamster(aka Mr. Ham-Star ), was once a successful record label owner and now secretly running an agent to protect the animals in the city. Mr. Ham-Star recruits the pigeon (aka P.GEON ), the cat (aka MC.K ), the sparrow(aka Sparo) as the rapper, and the dog(aka D.J. Mix ) as the beat-maker to be part of the secret agent,
S.O.U.L. Crew . Protecting the city is their very top mission, besides spitting rhymes.

* Format : Full 3D, Full HD Feature Animation
* Length : 80min
* Genre : Urban HipHop Agent Action
* Target: Family
* Production : Ashubia Animation Productions
* Note : In production ~ 2019




2007 Established Ashubia Animation Produtions
2009 Feature Animation “Pacifier” Selected Korea Creativity & Contents Agency Global Star Project. (pilot)
2010 “Lady’s One night” selected shot film production support by SBA
2011 “80 Seconds Series of Lee O Young” 80episodes (2011-2012 air on KBS1,2TV)
2012 “Paopao in th Baobab Island” EBS-SBA ani-frontier
2013 “Paopao in th Baobab Island” KOCCA Global project.
2014 “Paopao in th Baobab Island” Top viewers rating on EBS
2015 “Pororo Adventure 3” Co-production.
2016 “Astro Gardener & Pluto” selected Korea Creativity & Contents Agency Local Project
         “S.O.U.L Crew” selected Seoul Business Agency Feature Film Investment

2008 Animation Award, Syracuse Int’ Film Festival, New York, USA
         Grand Prize AYACC, Guiyang, China
         Animentary Award, Asiana Int’s Short Festival, Seoul, Korea


ASHUBIA ANIMATION PRODUCTIONS Co., Ltd. specializes in planning and producing animation contents based on a ‘compelling storytelling’ with ‘authentic characters’.

Since our foundation in 2007, we have created short animations that are awarded/recognized from famous film festivals around the world. On the basis of the technical mastery in 3D and 2D animation, an expertise in the industry is portrayed while bringing in dramatic structure along with in-depth storytelling methods to various areas of film and video, such as feature length animations and TV series animation, and to any image that is animated.

Ashubia is ready to develop more original contents and to innovate unique animation techniques for various targets in the global market.

● BUSINESS MODEL : Profits from theater, Merchandise Licensing, Service Work

Company Information

company information
Contact Person WON, Jong Shik
Company Ashubia Animation Productions
Address 3F, 20, Gangnam-daero 114-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Homepage www.ashubia.com , http://seller.buykorea.org/ashubia-animation-productions--EC109065
Tel 024470312 Fax 025410312
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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