PASSCON user authentication and Digital Signature Solution(Pd No. : 3085677)

(Updated : Jul/31/2017)
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Keywords authentication, Digital Signature, CA, PKI, Fintech, cyber Security, Digital ID
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Item name: User authentication and electronic signature solution to achieve password replacement.Our PASSCON is simple and more safe than traditional PKI digital signatures authentication. Because the user UI / UX is configured with icon images that does not use a keyboard, and digital ink is generated using a specific photo selected by the user, and the digital signature is generated using the digital ink. That is, if a secret icon is touched, a multi-authentication factor is generated by combining with digital ink, and PKI private key encryption is performed to generate digital signature.

Easy and user friendly UI/UX

Why Passwordless?

Core features and benefit


We are a technology-based startup that was founded to provide universal and innovative value to Internet users. The innovative value we are pursuing is to make all Internet and mobile users enjoy the cyber world simply and easily without experiencing password inconvenience and security flaws. We have the only technology in the world that can completely replace passwords, and we have acquired a unique technology that can lead to the global spread of PKI digital signatures with simple PKI deploment algorithm.

2013.12 Established
2014.7   Delivery of  KG INICIS
2016.11 MOU with KB Financial Group
2016.12 Selected as R&D task for technology development

Completely replacing the cyber world's password

The world's first company to make the cyber world safe and happy


1. Certified Solution Sales - Domestic & Overseas
2. Amazon Cloud SaaS sales - Global market entry
3. Provide integrated authentication service (SSO) - Upgrading existing password authentication system to pass-through for SMEs without cost

Real Identity - Fluid Fingerprint Recognition and Authentication Technology
The Techville - Vietnam advance card and mobile micropayment service advance into JV
KB Financial Group - Co-development of certification technology

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Company Information

company information
Contact Person Lim Yonghoon
Address 308ho Chungparo 91, Yongsangu Seoul Korea
Homepage www.gcod.co.kr , http://seller.buykorea.org/g-code-innvation--EC130677
Tel 027175501 Fax 027175504
Biz. Type Est. Year
Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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