Yang Seung-wook's Cartoon: Three Kingdoms (Pd No. : 3085984)

(Updated : May/10/2017)
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We reinterpreted the Chinese classical three kingdoms as cartoon, and personified characters as animal characters. 

Publishing, and Webtoon services are available. You can make fancy items, stationery, clothing, and toys by utilizing character design. It can be produced as TV animation and can be developed as a game.

It can be used for publishing, webtoon site, character goods, animation, game field.


The Three Kingdoms is a Chinese classical work and is a representative work loved throughout Southeast Asia. However, it is a very burdensome book for elementary school students and female readers. The reason is that there are many stories, complex contents, and most of the characters are male.

Yang Seung-wook Cartoon: The Three Kingdoms is a textbook based on the original text of the Three Kingdoms book, and is faithful to the original work. The composition of the story and the characters of the characters are easily organized for the whole family to see. Utilizing the merits of comic techniques to the fullest, making fun of the characters, the personality of the character is personified as an animal and described faithfully.

You can reinterpret the Three Kingdoms as a comic book and personally characterize the character as a friendly animal, so you can easily and easily read both East and West as well as young and old.





 2007 - Establishment of wings for imaginary book publishing
 2010 - Launch of IWbook for Adult Publications
 2012 - Launch of professional book brand Sangsangmadang


 We strive to become a global media content company such as Disney by setting a vision of 'becoming a content company that makes children across the world happier across the East and the West'.



 The Imaginary Wing is planning a Kids' theme park that utilizes its characters, specializing in publishing, character design, webtoon production, and animation.


Kyobobook, yp Bookstore, Seoul Muniteo, Yes24, Aladdin, Interpark, Kakao, WebToon Star, Korean Comics Contents Research Institute, Ridi Books, Book Cube, Booxen, etc.

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Korea Service Market 2017 COEX B2 2017-10-23 ~ 2017-10-24
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