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(Updated : May/11/2017)
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Keywords Animation Comedy, Adventure Fantasy
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About 1,000 years ago, the Earth turned into a garbage filled mountain, and it exploded. After the great explosion, all the living creatures vanished and the new creature appeared. soon, the new world called the "BOOM" was created!
In the BOOM world, there is only one language, which is called the "BOOM"
language, They could communicate with plants, animals and other objects and the BOOM world was such a beautiful place filled with understanding and consideration.
The evil emperor of garbage called "Dirty Dung" appeared to this beautiful

The evil emperor built an enormous garbage tower and kidnapped the Star
Princess. He was planning to marry the princess and took over the BOOM world.

The BBB king falls into despair and orders BBB Trio to save the Star princess. The BBB Trio's adventure begins to save the Star Princess and stops the evil emperor's plan, which is to turn the BOOM world into the garbage land.


Title :  Box Hero
Targets : Main Children & Teenagers (Age: 7-15) / Sub: Family
Genre : Digital 2D Animation
Format : 52 episodes(length : 10Minutes)
Concept : Comic Fantasy Animation
Channel : TV Networs, Cable, TV, IPTV, Online, etc.

The symbolic representation and story-telling of Wonbanggak
(Circle, Square & Angle)
☞ Reinterpret the symbolic representation of an ancient Asian period and

its custom using an animation
☞ Link between the Western basic figures and the Eastern "Heaven-Earth-

Human" principle.
☞ Form a social consensus over two totally different cultures
☞ The baisi of WonBanggak (Circle, Square & Angle) consists of figures,

kindness, and human culture
☞ Story-telling method of Mathematics, Science, Langauge and Social Life





MK Entertainment was founded in 2017, since its establishment, MK Entertainment was able to position itself as prominent domestic animation corporation that design and produce animations, applications, mobile games as well as licensing business.
MK Entertainment has been actively taking parts in many productions such as reproducing classic TV animations such as <Robot Chipa>, animation that features already famous cartoon character <I like DALKI>, the selected 4D ride stereovision movie with the support of KOMACON 2011<Daldongbbang>and more.


Now that various online contetns including TV animation have high value of the global cultural industry, please pay attention to MK Entertainment which always makes the best use of OSMU characteristics of culutral contents and leads the global cultural contents industry.


<Robot Chipa>
<I like DALKI>
<Box Hero>


Investment company: SJ HIGHTECH CO.,LTD


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Contact Person JinKoo Kang
Company MKENT
Homepage http://seller.buykorea.org/mkent--EC134010
Tel 032.321.7363 Fax 032.321.7362
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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